Energy Blessings for 01-02-2020

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January 02, 2020

Overall energy: “Worthy” – You are one of the loving spirits who has come to be in service to humanity this life time. This strong desire and need to give to your fellow man is embedded deep with your soul’s blueprint. You play an important role in the cosmic plan. This card has come to you today as Spirit’s way of giving you a much needed reminder – that you hold a great worth and value.
You can no longer question whether you are worthy or if you have value in this world. We all look to our physical world for confirmation. We question whether we are good enough, wanted, and needed. We want the world to tell us that we are doing well and that it wants what we have to offer. But your value and worth cannot come from anyone or anything outside of you.
Just as you are, right now in this moment – you are enough. It is time for you to begin to understand your own worth and value. Spirit is asking that you start now, to understand just how important you are. Your worth does not come from what you do or how you behave. Your worth comes from the fact that you are part of the One-Source. Once you fully realize this, you will play an invaluable role in helping others to discover their own worth too.

Messages: Frequency Shift ~ Surfacing ~ Intuition
You are about to experience a shift in your frequency and this card comes to help prepare you for the upcoming event. Being ready and knowing what to expect, can help you to get through the transitional period. A frequency shift occurs when the soul is ready for the next part of Its journey. Every time we allow ourselves to step out beyond our boundaries or find a way to get past our fears, the entire Universe celebrates. It isn’t easy to let the world see us, and Spirit knows this. But we are here to allow the deepest parts of ourselves to rise to the surface – to be seen and shared. The Surfacing card comes when we are about to face the challenge of stepping up and stepping out into the world. Whatever it is that is going to be asked of you will involve shining your soul’s light in some way, for others to see. There is also a strong focus right now on your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. The Intuition card usually signifies an amplification of this functioning. Stay open to this flow. It is happening for a reason. You are being attuned to higher ascension energies which are affecting the planet at this time. And yes, this will be a permanent enhancement. The main thing is to trust the process of what is happening for you. It will become clear soon, how to use your gifts in Service.

Much love and many blessings,







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