Energy Blessings for 01-10-2020

Overall Message: Maple ~ Relationship Balance

Maple tree has a loving spirit and energy that helps bring balance to male and female relationships and helps to balance the male and female aspects and their expression within each of us and our lives. This makes relationships much more creative and productive.

Imbalances must be dealt with now. Within you and within important relationships, things have become too one-sided. That is not a healthy relationship. The yin and yang, masculine and feminine, electrical and magnetic need to be held in balance because if it’s not it can skew our intuition and even begin to impact our health

Opportunity to restore and establish greater balance in your personal and business relationships is at hand. Relationships now hold sweet promise and are moving into higher aspirations. Look to balance the physical and the spiritual sides in your life. As you do, the other opposites will begin to harmonize and work together effectively. The inner fires are being awakened and this will strengthen relationships, making them healthier. As a result, your intuition is sharper, and your creativity is stronger.

Messages: Garden ~ Rain ~ Swamp

Garden – Time for nurturing

Gardens are Nature in miniature. They affirm our ability to create and nurture life no matter where we live. The planting of a garden is a truly magical act. As seeds transform, take root and grow, you will see movement in corresponding areas of your life. Your seeds will begin to grow also.

Gardens need care to thrive…is there something that you’re not attending to? Have you ignored things and allowed them to become more troublesome than they should be? Trimming and weeding is vital for growth and development. So is patience, seeds need time to germinate and take root, things will unfold in the time and way that is most beneficial.

Nurture yourself and your endeavors now. Do not ignore the things that give you joy. Take time for yourself and the beautiful garden you are becoming. It will stimulate new growth and energy around you.

Rain – Time to replenish

When the rains come, plants grow, animals drink and the Earth replenishes herself. Heed the lesson here. We each need time to replenish ourselves as well. Sometimes we can experience either too much rain or not enough and both can create problems for us. If we try to make things grow where there has been a drought we will need to take a closer look at the environment around us to determine if what we are working on will actually thrive with our time and attention.

There is great potential for increasing abundance and stimulating new growth in your life right now. Take advantage of the new rains that are coming into your life. The drought is most likely over. Allow yourself to be replenished. Allow the Earth to bring new growth and opportunities to you. Enjoy the comes following the rains.

Swamp – Face your fears

Swamps and bogs are often places of fear, danger and mystery. They are associated with haunting and wandering specters. Face your old fears or they will resurface to haunt you until you do. For shamans, the swamp is a doorway to the Underworld – our place of birth, and our heritage. Until we face our fears, we cannot truly tap the power within our deepest levels of consciousness, which is our heritage.

Fears can make us passive and set us up to victimize us. Do what you know is right, and if things aren’t working, make the necessary changes. Often our biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. Practice more faith in and compassion for yourself.

An initiation is at hand that has the potential to transform you and enable you to cross into new lands. And in this instance, it is your faith that will conquer your fears.

I hope that you found what you needed in today’s messages.

Much love and many blessings,







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