Energy Blessings for 02-10-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02-10-2020

Divine Guidance:  Intikhana ~ Diamond Tiger of the Black Moon

Intikhana:  Child of the Light

There is a divine light that does not cast a shadow.  Nor does it cast judgment, even though it reveals truth – a truth that is sometimes hard to acknowledge and requires that we change our ways.  True divine light is healing, it is unifying, it brings hope and illuminates the way.  Other sorts of light may appear stunningly bright, yet, in effect, create separation and increase ego.  You can recognize genuine divine presence not by how dazzling it may appear at first, but by what your devotion to that divine light evokes in your heart and your world.

Trust your feeling over appearances.  Move away from influences that create fear, negativity or doubt in you.  Reach out for that which uplifts your heart.  Spiritual protection is being offered.  Refuse to be dazzled by ego masquerading as something spiritual.  Through your prayers and efforts, spiritual light has been accumulating on the inner planes, even though you may not sense that consciously as yet.  There will be an intersection of events and circumstances in your physical world through which that light shall pour forth and manifest itself as grace.  Continue with your spiritual devotion.  There is something truly good to come of it.

Diamond Tiger:  Second Chances Bring Success

Your soul is on the diamond path of spiritual growth.  You may feel pressured by life at times, but at a higher level, those challenges are helping you realize your true strength of character.  You have the personal will, strength and physical power that you need for success, no matter what has happened in the past.  You are developing your spirit, passion and vitality to fight like a tigress defending her cubs.  Believe in yourself.  There is great dignity and strength in your heart.

Do not judge anything or anyone, including yourself and what you believe is possible, based on the past.  Reclaim and redirect your energy according to what matters most to you.  You are stronger that you may realize.  The return of strength after a challenge, second chances for success and a brilliant intuition or insight that ends a long-lasting cycle of repeated struggle are indicated.  A prophecy is given for empowered leadership, spiritual attainment and success after previous failure, which leads to an irreversible and positive outcome.

The struggles of your past were needed in order to grown. Yet now, having fulfilled their spiritual usefulness, they are no longer required.  If you continue to interpret your life experiences through the filter of old beliefs and past happenings, you will lose the truth of what is taking place at a deeper level.  You are being reformed, renewed, reborn, into a stronger, clearer, truer version of yourself.  The past was needed to get you here, but it is no longer to be seen as something that defines you.

Additional Messages:  Swan ~ Dolphin

Swan Symbology:  transformation, loss of innocence, beauty

This painting of a swan maiden represents a common motif found in the mythologies and folktales of many cultures around the globe – from Native American to Slavic.  Although the story varies from place to place, the basic plot is the same; a young man finds the feathered robe or skin of a swan maiden – a goddess-like creature – which she has temporarily shed to assume a human form.  Although the youth attempts to hide the feathers from the maiden, which allow him to possess her, the swan finds its feather, assumes its animal form, and leaves the youth.  The lost swan thus symbolizes the departure of youthful innocence and the passage to maturity.  In some version of the story, the swan dies.  In Greek mythology the “swan song” is the beautiful song sung by the swan just before death.

Dolphin Symbology:  life, feminine energy, sexuality

The dolphin is associated with feminine energies and the primordial waters of life; the word derives from the Greek delphinos or womb.  Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility, was represented by the dolphin in her role as mistress of the sea.

In the painting, the life-giving and feminine energy themes are emphasized by both the swimming dolphins that frame the woman’s face and the infant emerging from a womblike nautilus shell.

May these messages bring you what you need today, on your Path.

Much love and many blessings,




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