Energy Blessings for 02-14-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02-14-2020

Guiding Message:  Horse ~ Motivation ~ Fire

Kin Essence:  Taking action is often the only way we can truly motivate ourselves and others

Humans have a relationship with horses that conjures feelings of freedom, devotion, and passion within us all.  Despite their immense strength and power, horses are vegetarians and feed on grass, grains and seeds, thus showing us the physical vitality and strength that we can gain by eating natural, plant-based foods.  Even though horses are capable of incredible physical feats, it is rarely necessary for them to do so, meaning that they choose their moments to use their power with specific intention  and purpose.

The horse’s only natural defense against predators is to run, to move.  They help us to channel our own drive, passion, and motivation to get moving toward out goals.  Horses naturally become more confident, learning and growing through positive experiences.  The horse can teach us that in times of uncertainty, we must use our negative experiences to give us that little nudge from behind in order to move forward into the right direction; that when we are no longer fulfilled by our surroundings, it is an indication that we have been standing still for too long and it is time to move forward.

In life we can see that sometimes we must decide whether to be the workhorse or the show pony, and be at peace with the fact that we might be both!  We are reminded to see that putting in the leg work will allow us the opportunity to pursue greener pastures at the other end, and to stop long enough to show the world what we have learnt in our travels.

Dolphin ~ Play ~ Water

Kin Essence:  Play is he portal into realizing your purpose

Renowned for their majestic displays of underwater movement and above water jumps and flips, the dolphin reminds us to incorporate play and fun into every moment of our lives, even when doing essential tasks.  Dolphins are social beings that rely on their pod for hunting and safety.  Dolphin calves to not reach sexual maturity until at least age five, giving them many years to learn from their mothers and develop playful, child-like habits that will stay with them into adulthood.  They communicate using their unique whistling sounds to locate each other and coordinate their hunting plans.

Dolphins draw out our inner child and allow us the opportunity to frolic and play with innocence and a keen sense of wonder.  They reflect in us our deep desire to return back to our playful childhood memories, and of how much we love to do things that light us up, choosing passion, freedom, curiosity, and connection over the restraints of responsibility and duty.  Dolphins are equally dedicated to learning through exploration and experience as they are observing and mimicking typical behavior.

Moth ~ Awareness ~ Spirit

Kin Essence – Lessen the distractions to lead you to a higher state of consciousness

Closely related to the butterfly, the moth starts its life as larvae; then becomes a caterpillar; before undergoing the epic transformation into a moth as their final stage of life.  If the butterfly is a toddler, then the moth is a great-grandmother; wise, worldly, gently and peaceful.  They lovingly guide us through our transitions with steadfast confidence and “eyes-wide-open” awareness.

As a master of disguise, the moth uses colors and patterns on it wings to confuse, distract, and warn off predators.  Interestingly enough, adult moths don’t eat, which makes them the perfect role models for choosing not to consume, and instead to simply absorb and enjoy the things in life that are free to all.  This allows is to reach a truly heightened state of being.

Moths also use a technique of celestial navigation to help position themselves in a straight path during flight.  In this higher state of awareness, they show us the art of trusting and knowing that theirs is a force at play much bigger and stronger than ourselves, and to see that no matter which path we take, it will be the one that the Universe has assigned us.

Moths are naturally drawn to the light, showing us that in choosing the path towards the light, we are saying “yes” to taking the high road.  In turn, we can shed our energy blocks so that we may let more light into our lives.

Change of Mind – This card comes when we are in the process of moving into a higher level of cognitive functioning.  This is a direct effect of the shifting vibrational frequencies on the planet.  Those who are ready for these new frequencies will begin to notice changes in their physical and energetic processes.  The card signifies a shifting of your conscious functioning.  Your cognitive processes are beginning to operate within the field of the higher frequencies.  This can be seen as a change in your perception of how you view yourself, how you view this world, and your understanding of your innate connection with Source.

You may find yourself making decisions based on abstract knowings.  You will start to understand the underlying causes behind the actions and behaviors of others.  You will find you are clearer in what your own truth is and feel more empowered in it.  Information will be quickly processed and sorted.  Your thinking will start to encompass the bigger picture and understand how you fit into it.  This is a part of the process in becoming an open channel to and from the Divine.  The division between thoughts and intuition will begin to fade as they blend into one cohesive faculty.

You might find yourself in a bit of a brain-fog as this frequency shift completes.  It is normal to experience forgetfulness, mild confusion, time passing quickly or slowly, or doing things you never would have considered before.  There could be mild irritability and a lack of patience with yourself and others.  Do not worry if you find yourself frustrated with your mind’s inability to process information quickly during this time.  Once the energy shift is complete, you will be mentally clear and vibrant.

Integrity – This card comes to you today because your own sense of integrity is strong.  Do not doubt yourself or allow someone else to shake you with accusations, should that be the case.

Your integrity demands that you do what feels right.  This is because your integrity is directly connected to your spiritual sense of direction – much like a compass.  It helps you align with the Divine plan and take right action.  One of Spirit’s ways of guiding us is through our integrity.  It’s important for you to remember that whatever action you have taken, it was with the best of intention, regardless of the outcome.  At the end of the day, it’s between you and God – no one else.  Keep that in mind.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.  It only matters what you think.

Your heart is good.  Do not allow any outside influence to leave you questioning it.  Spirit doesn’t.  Carry on doing what you are doing.  Just stay true to what you feel is right.  That is all anyone can ever ask of you.

Often the Integrity card comes to those who are here to do important work on Spirit’s behalf.  These people are strongly guided by their integrity.  You are one of them.  And sometimes, your strengths and gifts are tested so you can discover for yourself, just how strong they are within you.

This card may also come to you if you are trying to deal with someone who is out of alignment with their personal integrity.  Regardless of what takes place, do not deviate from your own sense of integrity as you deal with the situation.  And do not attempt to fix or change the other person.  Send them love and forgive them as best you can, while you remain strong in your own truth and integrity.

Surfacing – Every time we allow ourselves to step out beyond our boundaries or find a way to get past our fears, the entire Universe celebrates.  It isn’t easy to let the world see us, and Spirit knows this.  But we are here to allow our true expression and to allow the deepest parts of ourselves to rise to the surface – to be seen and shared.  The Surfacing card comes when we are about to face the challenge of stepping up and stepping out into the world.

You could be asked to speak publicly, give a presentation, perform, release a novel, or anything which involves putting yourself out ‘there.’  Whatever it is that is going to be asked of you will involve shining your soul’s light in some way, for others to see.  You might be feeling scared as hell and wanting to run as fast as your legs will carry you.  But this is why the Universe has given you this card today.  Look carefully at the image.  There are hundreds of tiny bubbles rising to the surface.  Take a moment to energetically feel the colors.  There is a lot of joy in there.  This is Spirit’s way of reassuring you that this process bring with it much joy and celebration.  This is a part of your soul, doing what it has come here to do.  You just have get past yourself first.

The Surfacing card can also come if we have been brave and expressed our truth in some way.  It comes if we have shared a part of ourselves, our gifts, or our talents.  Spirit is here to acknowledge you and your bravery.  Every time you allow the expression of your soul, it is a cause for celebration!

There is a whole lot more to you, just below the surface.  These are aspects of yourself which you are not full conscious of yet.  When the Surfacing card comes, it means that these hidden qualities are about to rise to the surface.  Enjoy this time of self discovery.

May something here reach you on your Path today.

Much love and many blessings,




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