Energy Blessings for 02-16-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02-16-2020

Plant Kingdom Allies: Hypericum ~ Peach Tree ~ Chickpeas

Hypericum: grows rapidly in most gardens. It survives all climates but the most temperate and has provided humankind with wonderful healing gifts capable of relieving many symptoms.

As a homeopathic remedy, it helps release shock and restore a sense of pleasure in life. Hypericum treats nerve injuries and is particularly effective after accidents in which fingers or toes have been crushed. Often blended with Calendula, it can be made into an ointment to soothe and treat wounds of all kinds.

In herbalism hypericum (known as St. John’s Wort) is used for the treatment of depression and mood swings. It also helps regulate PMS and aggressive behavior. Hypericum lifts the spirits and allows the mind clear access to emotions without dropping into despair or depression.

Hypericum is used in aromatherapy to tonify the body and reduce muscle and nerve pain.

Esoteric meaning: Pleasure in all things

Pleasure comes to us when we allow our lives to be easier and more joyful. We can find pleasure in small and simple activities that delight our minds and lighten our hearts. When we choose to expand our awareness to include more pleasure, we are saying yes to life and affirming that to be alive is a pleasure at the very core. Hypericum shows us that pleasure is an attitude as well as an experience.

Affirmation: I allow pleasure to fill my life.

Peach Tree: the peach tree came from Persia and was used for its fruit and for exotic dishes made from the fruit. Peaches have always been synonymous with beautiful complexions and are even used to make special moisturizers.

In homeopathy, the remedy made from the peach tree is called Amygdalus Persica. It is used to treat vomiting, including morning sickness, as well as hemorrhaging of the bladder, gastric problems in children who cannot tolerate food, and loss ot smell and taste.

In herbalism, peach is used in several treatments. It promotes blood circulation, countering stagnation by expelling cold from the body. It acts as a lubricant in helping dry coughs, hernia pain, excessive perspiration, and indigestion. Peach is also used to treat the spleen.

Esoteric meaning: Deliciousness

The peach helps us find what pleases our senses and what we wish to touch, taste, and delight in. It offers us the opportunity to examine what we enjoy and find delectable.

Affirmation: My sensuality find delicious experiences.

Chickpeas: are a staple food of many warm countries. As food, they are used in delicious soups and stews and to make hummus and salads. Chickpeas represent our need for simplicity and also have important healing properties.

In homeopathy, the remedy known as Lathyrus is used to treat paralysis and to help limbs regain their function after influenza or wasting, exhaustive diseases.

In herbalism, chickpea flour is mixed with cream, butter fat or oil to create a pasted that can be massaged into newborn babies to remove the fin fluff of hair with which some infants, particularly dark complected ones, are often born with. It is used in poultices to help discharge infected wounds.

Esoteric meaning: The simplicity of life.

Simplicity often eludes us. We become confused by the glamour of a situation and then fail to see what is fundamentally good, wholesome, and positive about life. Truly wise people know that glamour fails to warm the heart. To be truly happy we need to allow what is simple and honest find its way into our hearts.

Affirmation: I am my best when I keep my life simple.

Additional Messages: Authority ~ Divine Feminine

Authority: The frequency of Authority reminds us that true Authority is powerful, directed, and realized yet receptive, wise and loving.

The word Authority has mostly been used to describe the powers that rule, govern, lead, direct, control and protect. It has also been closely associated with the powers that dominate, suppress, enforce, demand, and scare us. Authority is about power.

True Authority is generated by maturity, knowledge, wisdom, experience, and inner balance. This kind of power comes from within, where it is deeply rooted in a solid connection to Source. Externally, this power expresses itself as presence; the ability to be completely in the moment, with full awareness of every aspect of oneself – all sense fully engaged – while being completely centered in the heart. Internally, this power steps back to witness, allowing us to perceive and discern without attachment.

From all this, a new form of Authority arises – one that leads, share, directs, and conducts with benevolence, grace, compassion, wisdom, and integrity. This kind of Authority inspires trust, creation, collaboration, and partnership. It is receptive in nature and expresses the journey inward, where connection with Self and Source become one.

Green represents the energy that abundantly flows from the heart. Turquoise represents the High Heart chakra (sometimes referred to as the thymus chakra), the place where the heart and throat energies merge into loving expression of truth. Gold and yellow represent abundance, truth, enlightenment, and self-realization.

In numerology, three is considered a catalytic number; it stands for an energy that speeds up or creates a reaction between two unrelated things without necessarily changing itself. And there are many sixes in the image. Six is associated with harmony, love, and balance, as well as with structure, design, and efficiency.

Conceptually, circles stand for everything and nothing at all, balance and infinity, purity and freedom.

I hope that you have found something for yourself in these messages today.

Much love and many blessings,




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