Energy Blessings for 02-19-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02-19-2020

Overarching Guidance ~ Bear

Bear Symbology:  healing ~ divinity ~ invulnerability

The Bear has symbolized divinity and healing in many cultures.  The Ainu people of the northern islands of Japan believed that the bear was a mountain god; in India, bears are believed to prevent disease (children are allowed to ride on a bear’s back to avoid sickness); and among the Finno-Ugric peoples, the bear was the god of heaven.  The bear has figured prominently among Native American peoples, who regarded it as a spirit helper.

This painting of a bear woman dancing with a rattle recalls the Pawnee Indian story of Bear Medicine Woman, in which a girl born with a bear spirit has the power to heal.

Additional Animal Guides:  Crow ~ Rabbit ~ Crocodile

Crow Symbology:  renewal ~ transformation ~ magic ~ abundance

Like the raven, with which is it often synonymous, the crow wields powerful magic.  In Native American myths the crow restores order to the heavens, a Sioux belief links the crow to abundance and prosperity.  One legend tells of a white crow that warns the buffalo every time hunters approach.  This leads to hunger and starvation, and the crow is eventually captured by the hunters and thrown into a fire.  But it escapes before being completely burned, being only blackened by the flames; black becomes its permanent color.  As the crow flies, it promises never to warn the buffalo of approaching hunters again.  The crow is thus a kind of phoenix that rises from the ashes, symbolizing renewal, transformation, and the promise of abundance.

Rabbit Symbology:  power ~ abundance ~ heroism ~ seasons ~ cycle of life

In the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is the most propitious sign; those born under the rabbit are thought to have considerable power.  In many cultures, the rabbit is a lunar creature with feminine energies whose outline can be seen in the face of the full moon.  Many Native American rabbit myths tell of the hare returning the sun to the sky and restoring warmth, the patterns of day and night and the seasons, and prosperity.

The rabbit in this painting is Kaltes, a moon goddess venerated by the Ugric peoples of western Siberia.  Although this goddess can assume many forms, the hare is sacred to her.

Crocodile Symbology:  opportunity ~ risk ~ fertility ~ life

Alligators and crocodiles are creatures of the water, particularly fecund swampland, which suggests both fertility and the feminine principle of life and birth.  They have often been associated with dragons, which appear in myths and legends as wily guardians of treasures and keepers of wisdom.  Stories that have revolved around encounters with these reptiles have often involved a new opportunity, but one that always carries significant risks.

As with many mythological reptiles, the crocodile in this painting appears wise, menacing and somewhat indolent.

Additional Spirit Messages:  Change of Mind ~ Commitment ~ Voice

Change of Mind – This card comes when we are in the process of moving into a higher level of cognitive functioning.  This is a direct effect of the shifting vibrational frequencies on the planet.  Those who are ready for these new frequencies will begin to notice changes in their physical and energetic processes.  The card signifies a shifting of your conscious functioning.  Your cognitive processes are beginning to operate within the field of the higher frequencies.  This can be seen as a change in your perception of how you view yourself, how you view this world, and your understanding of your innate connection with Source.

You may find yourself making decisions based on abstract knowings.  You will start to understand the underlying causes behind the actions and behaviors of others.  You will find you are clearer in what your own truth is and feel more empowered in it.  Information will be quickly processed and sorted.  Your thinking will start to encompass the bigger picture and understand how you fit into it.  This is a part of the process in becoming an open channel to and from the Divine.  The division between thoughts and intuition will begin to fade as they blend into one cohesive faculty.

You might find yourself in a bit of a brain-fog as this frequency shift completes.  It is normal to experience forgetfulness, mild confusion, time passing quickly or slowly, or doing things you never would have considered before.  There could be mild irritability and a lack of patience with yourself and others.  Do not worry if you find yourself frustrated with your mind’s inability to process information quickly during this time.  Once the energy shift is complete, you will be mentally clear and vibrant.

Commitment:  You are being asked to make some sort of a commitment.
It is both a promise and a responsibility.  This could be in connection with a
relationship; such as moving in together, deciding to get married or having a
child.  The Commitment card can also point to other types of commitment such as; starting a new business, planning a vacation with friends, signing up for classes, or taking on any type of long-term project.

This commitment is a binding one, and you will not be able to get out of it easily should you change your mind later.  This is signified by the bow-like symbol in
the fractal image on the card.  Whatever the case may be, this commitment does hold soul lessons and was planned before you came here.  This does not mean that it is either good or bad, but simply means that this is a fated event.  You, and the others involved in the situation, are fulfilling your soul agreements with each other.

This card can also be calling you to make a serious commitment to yourself, whether it is to lose weight, quit smoking, start a yoga class, or go for some healing sessions.  You may also need to re-assess any previous commitments you have made to discern whether they are still right for you.

It would also be wise to look closely at the commitments others have made to you and assess whether they are fulfilling their promise.  It might be time to release them from their commitment.

You may be wavering in your decision about a certain commitment.  Lean towards the idea that this might actually be the right thing for you to do.  Spirit usually replies to the things which are most important to us at the moment.
This card can act as a validation that you are heading in the right direction.

Voice – Let your voice be heard!  You are a beautiful and wise being of the Divine, made to bring forth your individual truth and expression.  No more holding back.  No more staying small.  You are being called now to use the gift of your words and the power of your voice.  What you have to say is important.
What you have to share is needed.  You could be finding yourself being asked to step-out in front of groups to talk or you may be finding that situations keep coming up where you are being given an opportunity to be vocal about what you think, believe, or feel.  For many of us, this does not come easily.  Often, we have had past experiences which discouraged us from expressing ourselves openly.  It is time to begin to heal those old understandings and allow yourself to be seen and heard.

Each of us has a unique expression.  Whether you are being asked to sing, chant, pray, speak or teach – it is your voice that needs to be heard.  This can also be related to simply stating what is true for you in your relationships.
It could involve stating your point of view, needs or desires – regardless of how different they may be.

It’s time to remember who you are.  Stand up for yourself, stand tall in what you believe.  Speak from your heart and your words will always be heard.  Your voice is a gift and it is meant to be shared.  You are about to empower yourself in a way that you have not experienced before.  You will notice that by taking
this step of being vocal, you fall more into alignment of what you are really
here to do.

As always, my prayer is that you found some of what you needed, here today.

Much love and many blessings,




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