Energy Blessings for 02-24-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02-24-2020

Animal Spirit Messengers:  Cicada ~ Kingfisher ~ Elephant

Cicada ~ Cycles ~ Earth

Kin Essence:  Every experience has its place in shaping your unique voice

The cicada is the ultimate representation of the cycles of life, teaching us the importance of each stage of life that we are gifted with.  In their infancy, their eggs are protected from the outside world, hidden away in the safest place their mother can manifest.  Upon becoming a nymph, these creatures move towards the ground, close to where their mothers lay them, and dig burrows into the soil, creating chambers in which they can often dwell for up to 17 years.

This is symbolic of the time in our lives in which we live simply as children, learning how to use out basic instincts to survive, whilst feeling protected and choosing to live more in the moment, and drawing on key basics to grow and thrive.  With this sense of protection and security deep down in the soil, they burrow and build a sacred space for themselves, feeding on the sap from the roots of their tree.

When they reach their final stages of nymphalid instar, they are strong and old enough to create a tunnel up and out of their dwelling, allowing them to shed their skins on a nearby plant and emerge as an adult cicada, leaving the shell or skin casing behind.

This stage is representative of the shedding of our status as children and entering into adulthood and independence.  This stage is where the cicada begins to live in the trees, choosing to reproduce, and attract their tribe around them through their vibrational force and song.

The cicada is our reminder that all the stages of our life hold a significant place in determining the life we are meant to lead, and that everything we go through is just a phase.  With each stage come huge inner and outer lessons about our environment and ourselves, shaping us to become who we are as individuals.  These stages also remind us that we are all choosing to live out our cycles in our own ways.  The bigger picture is that our mission in life is to continue moving through each cycle, taking with us as much learning and growth as possible.

Kingfisher ~ Peace ~ Air

Kin Essence:  When we surrender something of importance we gain greater perspective

Despite their name, many kingfishers actually live away from water, and although competent at fishing, they prefer to eat insects and invertebrates even when water and fish are plentiful.

Kingfishers burrow and nest in the ground or in tree cavities.  As part of the courting ritual, the male will bring the female the gift of a fish, which she can accept or decline.  This offer of peace and love shows just how much we have to personally surrender in order to gain something greater.

Kingfishers have large heads with long, sharp and pointed bills, as well as stumpy legs and tails.  These proportional traits can be seen as the mind being the focal point of our wellbeing.  This, along with their exceptional vision, can be seen as a bird whose strengths lie in their ability to see things from a deeper perspective and are able to react based on this knowing.  Kingfisher’s plumage is predominantly blue and green tones, with these colors representing trust, honesty, spiritual perspective, growth, renewal, and need for peacekeeping.

A long time symbol for peace and prosperity, the kingfisher invites us to harness the power of our mind to determine what it is that brings us greater inner peace, and understanding that this practice will in turn play a huge role in our ability to communicate and radiate this outwards into our physical world.  Our strength lies in our ability to see great depths and to use our strong influence or words for greater cause.

Elephant ~ Compassion ~ Air

Kin Essence:  Approach all with love, empathy, and understanding.

Elephants are the largest terrestrial animals remaining on earth, and as such, humans have an affinity for their gracefulness and grandeur.  Living for up to 70 years, elephants have a lengthy childhood and adolescent stage of life before maturing at around 17 years of age.  Young calves will remain with their mothers until adulthood, and are largely dependent until age three.

Elephants possess a sacred and special gift for communicating with each other.  They use all of their senses to communicate and are lovingly affectionate and empathetic towards one another.  They have a great sense of self-awareness and coexist peacefully with many other herbivores.  Their social groups consist of many different family groups who come together socially, usually lead by the matriarch.  When travelling, the young calves can be witnessed holding onto the tails of the adult in front, a clear indication of their connection to one another and need for security.

As elephant’s large ears not only have extraordinary hearing powers but are also filled with capillaries that release excess body heat into the environment.  Their trunks are the most versatile appendages on the planet, being used for drinking, eating, communicating, smelling, touching and even snorkeling!

The elephant is a great symbol of presence, that although they are large and intimidating physically, they exude peace and compassion amongst the animal community.  When threatened, they can stand their ground and are powerful forces to be reckoned with; however, it is in their connection to the earth, their innate intelligence, and their social and family groups that makes them great teachers of the importance of compassion and consideration for all.

Additional Guidance Messages:  Right Order ~ Gifted

Right Order:  Eventually, everything finds its right place and proper order in life.  This card is about creating proper order in your physical environment.  The world around us has a very strong effect on our emotional and energetic well-being.  Often, our inner environment is symbolically reflected through our outer environment.

It’s time to put things in their proper place and create right order in your physical world.  Roll up your sleeves and take a weekend to begin cleaning out the closets.  Start to sort what you what you would like to keep and what needs to go.  Take care of any paperwork, banking, or bookkeeping you may have been putting off for later.  Tidy your garage or storage spaces.  Re-arrange one of your rooms.  Vacuum the blinds or dust in the corners.  Take a serious look at any space or job you think you may have neglected lately and start to deal with it.  It’s time to give your physical space an energetic shift.

The very act of organizing our clutter is a powerful way to symbolically cleanse and clean out our inner emotional and energetic closet.  It sends a powerful message out to the cosmos that you are ready to take care of your business; willing to do whatever needs to be done, open to allowing the new to flow in your life, and keen to have a fresh start.  Get ready to release stagnant energy and old emotional patterns.  The new is on its way in.

You will feel lighter, free of older burdens, and more accepting of what Spirit brings your way.  By putting your physical space in its right and proper order, you are doing the same for your inner space too.  You might find yourself quite surprised and delighted with the results.

Gifted:  This card is a reminder that you are most certainly talented, gifted, and skilled in a very special way.  It’s time to stop looking outside and comparing yourself to others.  Your gifts were never intended to function or work exactly the same as another person’s gift.  By looking at how others are more gifted, or better than you, you are unintentionally sending energy out to the Universe which says you are less than.  This action is the very thing that is blocking your gifts from developing to their fullest potential.  You cannot compare yourself to anyone else.  If you see greatness in someone else, it is because you hold the quality of greatness within you.  That is how the world mirrors ourselves for us, by seeing ourselves in others.

This card can also come if you are experiencing fear or apprehension about sharing your gifts with the world.  Underlying this fear are beliefs and doubts about whether you are enough, or good enough.  And Spirit is asking you to start addressing those beliefs immediately.  Sometimes our fear of sharing our gift is the very thing that blocks us from discovering how we can best us it in service to others.

In either case, the Gifted card comes because you are doubting yourself; questioning who you are as a person or whether you have anything of value to give.  Your unique gifts are very needed here on the planet.  Spirit is asking that you place your doubts aside and start to cultivate self-worth and personal value.  You were given certain gifts, because only you could bring them to the world in the way you do.  Trust your soul’s wisdom in choosing the path you are on, and the gifts you are here to give.

I hope that these messages reached you in a way that you needed them to.

Much love and many blessings,




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