Energy Blessings for 02-18-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02-18-2020

Wisdom Messengers:  Intuition ~ Initiative

“Every time you trust in your intuition or make a decision based on it, you raise the frequency of your whole aura.” ~ Richard Rudd

Gift:  Intuition

Shadow:  Unease

Siddhi:  Clarity

Programming Partner:  Initiative

My Wisdom Story

“My mother had three miscarriages before I was born.  During her pregnancy with me, she was anxious, and when I was young, she was a hesitant, overprotective mother, constantly worrying about my getting sick or into an accident.  She clung to rationality as if her life depended on it.  But her endless lists of pros and cons paralyzed her.  They also made my father impatient and his actions impetuous, which usually resulted in financially risky decisions, and an even more anxious mother.

I was close to my parents and could sense their thoughts and feelings as if they were my own.  As I matured, I saw how their ways of coping with life were causing them pain and frustration.  When it came to decision-making, the opposing strategies of over-rationality and impulsivity seemed equally unhelpful.  Longing to resolve their unrest, I sought alternative way of accessing truth and knowing.

I became a student of Intuition, reading books on ESP, using oracle decks and training my psychic abilities.  But when I discovered the deep, vast world of astrology, a light went on.  I couldn’t get enough.  After obsessively studying natal charts, I learned about the world of transits, and my prayers were answered.  Finally I had a way of reading the future and helping people cope with anxiety and life’s uncertainties.  My career took off, and eventually astrology took over my life.  To do anything or guide anyone, I needed the stars’ blessing.  I became attached to the money, status and security brought by my success and, over time, I became increasingly paranoid and out of touch with my Intuition.

When I dismissed my own hunches about my beloved mother’s health because the stars said otherwise, and she got sick, I was overwhelmed with shame and guilt.  How could I have drifted so far from my own inner knowing?  That’s when it hit me.  Life was uncertain.  No matter how skilled I was, or how accurate astrology was, I could not control Life or rescue the people I loved from the unknown.

For five years, I didn’t track a single transit.  I learned to face and fully feel the pain, and beauty, of uncertainty.  Now I use my Intuition and astrological tools from a place of love and playfulness, not fear.  I am finally at east.”

My Gift to You

I come to remind you of that still voice within that connects you to all of life.  Your Intuition is one of your greatest gifts.  Trust it.  We live in a world that is obsessed with reason.  There is so much emphasis on exploring and conquering the mind.  But you have the ability to experience true knowing.  You an perceived something even before it can be seen, heard, touched or tasted.  It is time to embrace your primal instincts, and to stop relying on theories and methods.  I am not suggesting you discard your intellect, or your tools.  Only that you allow them to serve your Intuition.  As you learn this art, you will find that old fears melt away, relationships soften and things go more smoothly.  Trust the delicate hairs on the back of your neck.  Listen carefully.

Questions for Contemplation

  •  Do you sometimes ignore your Intuition, or say ‘yes’ before you’re ready, because you’re afraid of missing out?  Or because waiting for clarity makes you too uneasy?
  • Do you miss out on wonderful opportunities because you are afraid of trusting your instincts and taking a leap?
  • Do worries, doubts and anxiety make it hard to hear your Intuition?
  • Pay special attention to that still small voice within, your clear, instantaneous knowing.  What is it telling you right now?  Follow it today, even if your mind is resisting.  See what happens.

“Creative initiative is the path of every human spirit.  Every one of us must at some point in life leave the crowd and head off into the uncharted wilderness of our heart.” ~ Richard Rudd

Gift:  Initiative

Shadow:  Agitation

Siddhi:  Awakening

Programming Partner:  Intuition

My Wisdom Story

“When I was just a toddler, several monks appeared at our door.  After vigorous testing, I was recognized as the incarnation of a spiritual master.  My parents were not religious people.  They were shocked, but too subservient and cowardly to fight for me.  I’ll never forget crying as I was taken away from my mother.

For one year, I was bathed in love and attention by my appointed teacher.  I loved him so much.  He always showed me pictures of my parents, reminding me of our connection.  But one day our monastery was brutally attacked by hostile soldiers who hated our people.  Me beloved teacher was killed.

Before I knew what had happened, I was swept up into the arms of another monk.  We escaped through the mountains and arrived in another monastery.  Though well cared for, I was terribly jumpy and nervous.  I had trouble focusing on my studies.  It was hard to trust anyone.  My mind and heart understood I was safe, but my body didn’t.  It was always on guard and desperate to release its agitation.

Violence wasn’t an option, so my mind took over.  I became obsessed with moving up the ranks in the monastery, and constantly reminded myself that I was special because I was chosen so early.  I was determined to be the first of my peers to awaken.  To my peers, I seemed fearless, disciplined and precocious.  But deep down, I was traumatized.

Thankfully, my new teacher saw the terror in me and understood the shock I’d been through.  He also knew that shock would be one of my greatest teachers.  One day it would help me release the false security of the ego, accept the certainty of death, and awaken to Oneness.  But he also wisely knew I was too young to understand this.  Instead of a lecture, he gave me a paintbrush, a canvas, and he freedom to do whatever I wanted.

His instruction was simple:  “Follow your heart.”  The first stroke felt like jumping off a cliff.  But soon I was filling the canvas with colors and symbols unlike anything seen before.  My body relaxed, I made friends and lost interest in competition.  At first I believed I was creating something new through the art.  But now I know I am only rediscovering and retracing an eternal truth.  There is no need to bring something new to the canvas, only to unveil the canvas to itself.”

My Gift to You

I am not here to lead you; I am here to Initiate you.  It is time to step off the beaten track, release everything you’ve ever been taught, and embrace an entirely new way of being.  Though you may stand upon the shoulders of others, in the end, only you can take the leap.  There is no safety net.  No way to avoid fear.  If you want to transcend fear, move through it.  Honor your creative impulses, wherever they take you.  Let your awe-filled heart lead you back to your own heart.  Good fortune is inevitable when you trust the love inside of you.  If you do have a need to compete, do not compete with others.  Funnel your competitive urges into your own creativity.  And soon you will find competition replaced by deeply fulfilling collaboration.

Questions for Contemplation

  •  Do your fears keep you feeling agitated, hopeless or shut down?
  • Do you shy away from life?  Or do you engage in risky behaviors?
  • Does your competitive drive get in the way of your relationships?
  • Do you ever draw out the hostility in others, and not know why?
  • Think of a time when you faced a fear and experienced a breakthrough.  What were you afraid of? What and who gave you courage?
  • What leap are you being called to take at this time of your life?  Find a creative way to explore an unknown.

Spirit Animal Guides:  Deer ~ Alpaca ~ Bear

Deer – Grace – Earth

Kin Essence – Know when to enter battle or make a subtle retreat

When we call on our initial associations with this creature, we are usually drawn to the visual of the deer standing quietly in the woodland, staring off into the distance, as though in a permanent state of high alert.  They ooze a gentle demeanor, treading lightly amongst the terrain, foraging, munching, or running from potential danger or predators.

Although highly sensitive and often fearful, these majestic creatures can also command a strong presence with their amazing horned heads.  Like many land mammals, the males can put up a fight when it comes to encountering competition and display overt dominance when thy believe themselves to be a strong candidate for a partner.

Deer teach us about being in tune with our surroundings and to not become complacent in life.  Although generally considered as graceful, gentle creatures, deer are also well equipped to handle the many challenges they encounter in their daily lives.

We can see this is reflective within our own lives – this intuitive sense of knowing when something doesn’t sound, feel, or seem right.  It’s all about fine-tuning this birthright and discerning between actual threatening situations and general over-sensitivities.

The deer is not just a symbol of physical beauty; more importantly, it shows us that beauty is also about how we carry our energetic bodies and how important it is to connect with energetic beauty in order for it to flow throughout all aspects of life.

Alpaca ~ Curiosity ~ Fire

Kin Essence:  Contentment brings desire to learn or explore something new.

Alpacas use their long necks to observe the world with curiosity and caution.  Without their unique higher perspective, they would easily fall prey to predators like lions and bears.  Having been bred into captivity predominately for their wool, alpacas are slightly different to llama in that they are a bit more temperamental and harder to tame or convert into companion animals, but are still similar in many ways.

These herbivores are social herd animals and live in family groups.  Their wooly coat keeps them warm in freezing cold climates and allows them to thrive in high altitude areas.  Their only main lines of defense are spitting and kicking; they often draw up stomach acids and project them out to other alpacas as a defense mechanism or to communicate their upset.  One of the only animals on earth to create a designated ‘toilet’ area in their territory, alpacas remind us to respect our space, honor what nourishes us, and maintain boundaries in order to take a more unconstrained approach to our own person pursuits.

Alpacas also have a great vocal range, choosing a series of shrieks and whines to alter others to danger, as well as clicking and humming sounds which can be a sign of their contentment and comfort.  These animals show us that by simply being present and at peace with our surroundings, we automatically open ourselves up to new possibilities, adventures, and creative exploration, allowing us to be truly available to life and what it has to offer.

Bear ~ Protection ~ Air

Kin Essence:  Stand up for what you love and protect the things you work hard for.

Bears are a symbol of loyalty, strength, and protection.  Although bears are largely solitary, the females care for, provide for, and fiercely protect their cubs for the first three years of their life.

Adult bears have very few predators due to their natural defenses, using their sheer strength and enormous size to fight off predators.  Young cubs are most at risk of being preyed on by larger carnivores, as they are mostly defenseless against bigger animals.  The mama bear spirit is loving, nurturing and playful – whilst cautious and on-guard for potential threats.

Bears possess an excellent sense of smell and, despite their large size and awkward gait, they are competent at running, swimming and climbing.  With their physical power enabling them to stand up on two back legs (a symbol of leadership and inner strength), they also have the perfect balance of being incredibly nurturing of those they love and being fiercely protective when that love is threatened.  Bears teach us the importance of standing up for what we love and always protecting our own worth, the things we work hard for, and the things and people that are most precious to us.

I hope that you were able to find what you needed in these messages today.

Much love and many blessings,



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